The Importance of Self-love and Why You Should Practice It

The Importance of Self-love and Why You Should Practice It

There is only one person that can accept all your flaws and love you unconditionally; that person is you. Sometimes, we may fail to take responsibility for our happiness and blame others for our experiences. Thus, we end up with feelings of regret, criticism, fear, resentment and guilt. But do not worry at all, there are over 7 billion other people who fit in your category! The answer to overcome these challenges you feel or face, is self-compassion. 

The universe mirrors your perception of yourself

If you accept yourself, work to improve yourself with every mistake you make, the universe around you will do the same. Similarly, if you are seeking love, trust and opportunity from others, you should start by showing yourself these first.  Whatever you are, you attract. 

You will attract positive things

People, things and events will always be able to hurt us, but holding onto the state of unforgiveness can only cost your happiness. Instead, direct your energy on the intention to love and accept yourself regardless of external situations, you will see things begin to work out for you. Why? When you love someone or something, you look after it. Same goes when you completely love, care and nurture yourself. When you feel great and look great, you attract great things and replenish opportunities in your life. You will see your health improve, your relationships with other people become more fulfilling, your manner of expression also becomes positive, and you may even attract more money. 

You deserve it

We don’t find it so hard to tell our partners, parents, or children that we love them. How about yourself? Can you stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself the same? We don’t always have to rely on others to tell us that they love us when we can be our own cheerleaders first. It might feel awkward at first because you may shy away or even burst into laughter, but believe us, you are worth the love you give to other people.

Be your own inner coach and decide that you will stand by your own side in any time of need. With practice you will find all emotional attachments disappear. You dont need anyone to make you feel validated. No matter the outcome of any situation, you can never be overwhelmed by feelings of insecurity or fear.

Self-criticism is conditional and can make you become judgemental towards yourself when you. For example; gained some extra pounds. Remember, the world will not hate you because you gained weight, but because you hate yourself. An attitude of self-improvement, prompted by self-compassion, will lead you to begin working out and care less about what others think or have to say about you. 

Self-love is a basic practice that we all need. Take care of yourself: travel the world, embrace new experiences, eat healthily, and look after your body and soul! Choose a nourishing skincare regime using some of the our much loved products to enhance your confidence. USE CODE TREAT20 for a discount xo