Checklist Before Travelling Alone

Checklist Before Travelling Alone

When it comes to travel, many women are choosing to go it alone before, settling down or being tied down to commitments of careers or family. You yourself may be considering it for reasons of self-exploration and/or to seek happiness. Travelling alone gives you a sense of thrill, freedom and empowerment. However, many have been warned against it because of the many things that could go wrong. If you have considered travelling alone as your endeavour, being well prepared will unlock a world of possibility and adventure! Here is some top safety tips for travelling alone.

Know where you are going

Do your homework and find out as much as you can about the place or places you wish to visit. You will want to pack light and according to your destination. Find out if you are able to easily access conventient stores, clothing and pharmacies. Also consider knowing about your destination’s:



transport options


emergency/medical centres

weather conditions

It’s always best to do a thorough background check by doing some research or talking to others who have been ahead of you.

Make sure you have a general idea of how to get to the place you’re staying in as well as neighbourhoods to avoid. Make sure you have a map with you, but plan routes before you walk around, as looking scared and lost makes you a prime target for those wanting to take advantage of tourists.

Have an emergency contact

Learn the emergency numbers of the country you will be visiting. Write the number down separately from your stored phone contacts in case you are in an emergency and your phone dies, is lost or stolen. Always let the people at home know where you are or will be. Let your family have this number as well and let them know how they can reach you in case of an emergency. You can give them the hotel/dorm number or a newly made friend’s contact in case they can’t get through to you. This works both ways; familiarise your family members’ number so you don’t rely on your phone.

Make new friends and contacts

You can travel alone but not be lonely! Depending on your destination, there are plenty of social groups you can join on social media to connect with others like you. Doing this beforehand would be ideal. Forming and group or having another travel buddy you can meet can make the experience enjoyable. Getting to know the staff of your accommodation and exploring your surrounding are some of the things you can do to begin creating your safety barrier. Avoid hailing cabs on the streets and instead, ask for trusted cab drivers at the reception desk or your alternative accommodation keepers. When going out, opt places where people tend to be more social and gathered.

Document your travel

Keep a journal or vlog of your travel experiences! After all, you do want lasting memories of your incredible adventure, but it is also a good way to document your trip in case you need to look back for something.


The most important thing to know is that travelling alone is possible! If you are well prepared and take all the precautions to ensure your safety, the rest of your travels will not only be complimenting to your self development and personal growth, but it can be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life!